Columns and Arches Add a Classical Elegance To Any Home


Columns and arches have long been used to decorate buildings and in modern times they add a classical, elegant finish to a house build.  In ancient times they were built in materials such as stone, marble and more recently cement.  These days the easiest and most effective method to build an arch or column is to use a lightweight house moulding.  The Finishing Touch are experts in manufacturing and installing all types of columns and arches and recently manufactured and installed three columns, each  200mm in diameter and three metres high at a house in Tuck Street, Cheltenham.

Five Arches were used to create a grand look to a home in Hampton, where the owner/builder is installing the arch moulds supplied by the Finishing Touch across doorways on the ground floor.

Curved parapets create a modern, attractive design to a large home in Beverly Hills Drive, Templestowe.  The curved parapets are positioned at the top of the first floor and second floor, with external columns supporting them on each floor.  Corinthian capitals and stringers add to the overall decorative finish to this grand design.  The lightweight mouldings used to create this effect were manufactured and installed by the Finishing Touch.

Another large project under development is at Rose Avenue, Glen Waverley.  Two units with a total of 48 squares will be enhanced by decorative Georgian style arches with dentils under the arches. House mouldings for parapets, eave parapets and corbels all along the top perimeter of the building will add further decorative finishes as well as pier caps, window architraves and stringers.  The quality and finish on the Finishing Touch range of house mouldings will help create a stunning build.


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