Match New Decorative Mouldings To Existing House Mouldings to Create a Stylish Finish


An example of the type of work the Finishing Touch can complete for home owners and builders is a house in Peppermint Grove, Taylors Hill that already had mouldings installed.  The Finishing Touch were able to match the mouldings and manufacture decorative mouldings that would blend in and complement those already on the house.  These have now been manufactured and will be installed this week, adding to the front parapets.

A number of homes are currently under development –

The first is in Memorial Drive, Plenty. The proposal is for lightweight mouldings for –
Window architraves
Window sills
Fourteen columns – capitals and bases
The addition of window mouldings and columns will add a classic finish to the home and a certain grandeur.

Another property under development is a post-modern home being built in Millewa Avenue, Malvern East.   This time the proposal is to finish the house off with flair through the use of exterior mouldings for –
Window architraves

The third proposal is for a house in Timber Ridge, Doncaster.  This new home has tiered garden beds built in brick to embellish the front of the home.  To finish these beds off with a decorative style to complement the house, wall capping mouldings will be installed on top of the brick walls of the garden beds.

The Finishing Touch are able to offer an efficient turnaround on orders.  Once a quote is accepted the manufacture will commence and the mouldings will be ready for installation at the property within two to four weeks.  Finishing Touch certified installers are recommended, as they use a proprietary render patch system which virtually eliminates any sign of joins and offer a seven year warranty on fixing.


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