Finishing Touch New Range of House Moulds For Templestowe Home

The Finishing Touch range of house mouldings are being used far and wide across Melbourne suburbs.  A new project under development for a two storey, fifty square post-modern home in Cliveden Court, Templestowe will use both the new range of lightweight mouldings and the original range of mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch. The addition of the decorative mouldings to the house build will add interest, style and charm.  The proposed house mouldings are –

  • Eave mouldings
  • Parapet mouldings
  • Window Architraves
  • Window Sills

The new Finishing Touch range offers a smoother finish moulding, whereas the original range produces a rougher textured, sandgrain finish moulding.  The smooth finish lightweight moulding is composed of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core, reinforced with fibreglass mesh and coated with an impact resistant polymer modified cementitious render. The original range of sandgrain finish lightweight mouldings are manufactured from computer cut high grade EPS polystyrene, triple coated with a multi-part compound then reinforced with a triple coating of sand for maximum strength and durability. The mouldings are coated, sealed and ready for painting once installed.

Another two projects under development are at Biltmore Crescent, Greenvale Lakes and Andrews Street, Windsor.  The Greenvale Lakes home is a single storey, modern style home and will attain a French Provincial look through the use of parapet mouldings and window architraves creating French influences.   The property in Windsor is a single storey property in a post-modern style and will be decorated with parapet mouldings at the top, stringer mouldings just below and window architraves, creating an elegant finish to the property.

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