Decorative Mouldings Used By Major Builder To Create French Provincial and Georgian Styles

French provincial home aust

Steve De Gregorio is working with a major regional Builder in the development stages for two to three different home designs for ongoing projects Victoria wide, which will have a specific inversion into inner city Melbourne.  The homes will be single storey and of a modern design.  The Finishing Touch range of mouldings will help create both French Provincial and Georgian styles for these houses. The regional Builder’s Designers are assessing the most appropriate and attractive mouldings in the Finishing Touch range to suit the company’s expansion program into inner Melbourne.

A major tender for another well-known Builder has just been completed.  It is for a multi-unit development in Malvern Rd, East Malvern, which will stretch over ten suburban house blocks.  The development is three storeys high and will include offices and residences.  The Finishing Touch decorative mouldings would be used throughout the complex.

A 50-60 square Post Modern home is being built in Stanton Street, Doncaster.  The Finishing Touch are supplying the architectural mouldings, which are currently being manufactured. The new Finishing Touch range has been selected for this build due to their smooth finish.  The house will be greatly enhanced with decorative mouldings for the –
Parapet Eaves
Lower Parapets
Window Architraves
Window Sills, and
Creating a stylish finish with French influences.

Another project being developed is for a home in Templestowe for a new client.  The client, who is a Builder, will install the decorative mouldings himself.  This Builder has selected the Finishing Touch mouldings, over his previous supplier, based on the quality, appearance and durability of the mouldings.

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