House Mouldings Create A Great Finishing Touch

post modern design example of post modern house

The Finishing Touch range of house mouldings have been named appropriately, as the lightweight mouldings beautify and adorn houses and buildings, adding a superb finishing touch.  Recently Finishing Touch decorative mouldings have been commissioned for a house being built in a post modern design located  in Hall St, McKinnon.  The exterior mouldings for this build include:

  • Eave moulds
  • Window architraves
  • Window sill mouldings
  • Stringer mouldings

The sixty square, double storey building has slightly more floor space in the downstairs area than upstairs. The project is currently in progress and will be completed shortly.

Another double storey home, moderately sized at forty five squares, will be further enhanced with a number of decorative mouldings. The house in Kiewa St, Ashwood will be highly decorative, with mouldings for:

  • Parapets
  • Stringers
  • Window Architraves
  • Picture frame windows on all four sides

The quoinings for this home will have a half cap at the top.  This is achieved with a square column that has a column capital atop, this look is known as a capital dressing.

A project currently under development in Mizpah-Settlement Rd, Buln Buln East (near Warrigal) is a smaller home, thirty to thirty five squares.  The home will be greatly enhanced with the addition of Finishing Touch house mouldings for-

  • Arches
  • Quoinings
  • Window Architraves
  • Window Sills

A home in Francesca St, Mont Albert North that was previously under development is now  proceeding.  Decorative mouldings for the first level of the house will be completed in three weeks’ time with all mouldings manufactured and installed, creating a stunning finish to this home, within two months.

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