Post Modern Homes Transformed by the Addition of House Mouldings


A post modern single storey home being constructed in Studley Road, East Brighton has prominent exterior mouldings applied to the front of the house to create a stunning first impression.  The three arches alone make a grand statement.  Add to that eave moulds, parapet moulds, stringer moulds, window architraves, quoinings, key stones and under gutter moulds that hide the guttering and you have one very handsome exterior.  The builders of this forty square home have used Finishing Touch house mouldings extensively through the building.

Another post modern house, this one a fifty squares double storey home has made great use of Finishing Touch mouldings.  The parapet mouldings, window architraves, window sills and stringer moulds have added character and style to the construction.

The suburb of Mont Albert North now boasts a fifty square, post modern home finished in classic house mouldings supplied by the Finishing Touch. The parapet moulding, quoinings and window sills have helped create a beautiful, classy home.

Mouldings create an instant style and classic finish to a restoration.  A project currently under development is the provision of window architraves for the restoration of a home in Mulduri Crescent, South Croydon.

The Finishing Touch manufacture house mouldings and also offer an installation service.  A home owner in Stanton Street, Doncaster has chosen to do his own installation of house mouldings manufactured by the Finishing Touch.  The lightweight mouldings are easy to handle and a fixing kit is provided.  However, an added benefit to home owners and builders who elect to use the Finishing Touch installation service is the seven year warranty provided.


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