Fast Turnaround From Order to Installation of Decorative Mouldings

Eave Mouldings

The Finishing Touch can respond very quickly when the circumstances demand a fast turnaround.  Take their latest project in Tiffany Grove, Templestowe for the supply of eave mouldings.  The exterior mouldings are 300mm x 300mm x 2.3 metres long, and will be installed all round the 50 square, one storey home.  The order was received only a week ago and they are busy manufacturing the decorative mouldings right now.  The house mouldings will be installed this week.  The Finishing Touch usually take only two to four weeks for manufacture and installation, but in special circumstances they can speed up their process and deliver even faster.

The French Provincial style is very popular in modern Australian housing.  This style was first discovered by soldiers in France during the First World War and exported to the United States. A house In Ballantyne Street, Thornbury will be styled after the French Provincial look, with the Finishing Touch supplying the parapet mouldings.  The 84 metres of parapets, 200mm x 155mm x 3mm in size, are currently being manufactured and will be installed by the end of June.

A project currently under development is for a substantial home on a rural block in Broadgully Road, Diamond Creek.  It involves the manufacture of thirty five flat band mouldings of 2.4 metres.  The Finishing Touch’s clients have the certainty that the lightweight mouldings they manufacture will last and their clients can be assured of a quality finish that will remain fresh looking and untarnished for years to come.  Offering  a warranty of seven years when installed by Finishing Touch certified installers, the Finishing Touch provide high quality decorative mouldings that add class and style.


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