Decorative Mouldings Will Transform an Old Workshop into a Designer Outlet

Warehouse Alexandria

How do you transform an existing motorbike workshop into a designer furnishings outlet? What a challenge!  With the help of decorative mouldings amazing transformations can be achieved. This somewhat plain building in Alexandria, New South Wales is soon to be a designer furnishing, fabrics and homewares outlet and could sure do with a makeover.  The new business owner contacted the Finishing Touch asking for help. As the client says “We are refurbishing the workshop as an outlet for furnishings. fabrics, homewares, designer pieces etc. We think your architectural mouldings could dramatically change the bland exterior.”

The Finishing Touch set to work selecting a parapet exterior mould that is a little fancy and will make a statement on this otherwise bare building.
P6ET230 Parapet 230 x 178
Steven De Gregorio of Advanced Moulds then developed this new decorative moulding window sill to go with the parapet.  The two together will help create the classy exterior required to transform the look of the building to suit the new business.
WSRP6 - 156 x 230
A quote has been sent and the Finishing Touch hope they will have the opportunity to show what an incredible transformation they can help to achieve through the use of architectural mouldings.  Once the quote is accepted it will only take two to three weeks to manufacture the mouldings.

The lightweight mouldings that the Finishing Touch have developed are a boon to renovations such as this.  Apart from the decorative effect and value they add to the building, they will also last a long time, retaining an “as new” look for years to come.  They are manufactured relatively quickly and are easy to install.


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