Lightweight Decorative Mouldings That Last, Adding Value And Class

French Provincial

The quality of The Finishing Touch lightweight exterior mouldings and their ability to last a long time in pristine condition is welcome news to home owners.  Especially those with older homes, as they see the mouldings on their beloved houses crumbling and cracking, detracting from the appearance and value of their asset.  One such older style house in Lachlan Street, Bulleen is presently being restored with the removal of the older, cracked concrete moulds which are being replaced with new window architraves and sills supplied by the Finishing Touch, who are also rendering the window reveals.  The raw materials have been purchased and the mouldings are being prepared in the factory.  The new exterior mouldings will be applied in four weeks, refreshing the building’s exterior.

Decorative mouldings will add class to the appearance of a new home being built in Studley Road, Brighton East.  The new single storey house of thirty five squares will be adorned by lightweight mouldings for the parapets, eaves, arches and under gutters.  A decorative effect will be created by quoining panels in v shapes near the entrance.  The Finishing Touch is looking forward to this project, which will be commencing in six weeks’ time.

A quote has been submitted for a new house in Bernard Street, North Balwyn.  It is a fifty square home in the French Provincial style and the Finishing Touch will be supplying decorative mouldings for:

  • Quoinings
  • Parapets
  • Stringers
  • Window architraves
  • Window sills
  • Columns
  • Column bases
  • Capitals

If the quote is successful the project will be commencing in two months.


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