Use Quality Architectural Mouldings To Last For Years

Do you want your house mouldings to come away from the walls within a year or two? Do you want the render and wall beneath exterior mouldings to look unsightly with drip marks? Do you want the paint to chip or flake off the moulding within a few short years?

crack moulds1crack moulds2

We are sure you are a Builder that takes pride in your work and strives to deliver a quality finish to your buildings.  That’s why the Finishing Touch architectural mouldings are the only choice for you.  Because they are of the highest quality –an ‘A’ grade product.  These are the reasons why –

  •  Our architectural mouldings are made of ‘H’ grade polystyrene, which is one or two grades stronger than ‘M’ grade or ‘S’ grade polystyrenes used by other manufacturers.
  • Our architectural mouldings will adhere to your walls better, maintaining strength for a much longer period.
  • Our architectural mouldings are pre-primed, ensuring the paint does not chip or flake off within a few years.  This guarantees a durable, long lasting, high quality finish.
  • We use the Drip Lip system – this ensures the rain dripping from exterior mouldings do not drip down the wall, discolouring the render and wall beneath the mouldings.

After six or twelve months any moulding will look good but  Finishing Touch architectural mouldings will still look brand new for years to come.  They will not be pulling away from the wall or showing wear with paint chipping or be discoloured by rain dripping, nor will the wall beneath them.  Don’t risk a dissatisfied customer due to the quality of the moulds you have chosen for your build.  The Finishing Touch architectural mouldings will produce an excellent, quality, durable finish that you can rely on to  keep your customers happy and keep your business thriving.

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