New Projects and Developments for Finishing Touch Moudings

A new project is currently commencing for the Finishing Touch.  Builder Sam Roitman has commissioned mouldings for a dwelling at 6 Raheen Drive, Kew on a beautiful  hillside site overlooking the Yarra River.  This French Provincial style home features three storeys at the front with two storeys at the rear.  The moulds have been specifically chosen to complement and highlight the French Provincial look.

An exciting development is the provision of mouldings to a display home located in Clyde North.  This is the first of many homes which will feature the unique style of mouldings on offer from the Finishing Touch.  During 2014 a strong relationship will be developed with this large Project Home Builder, owned by an international company.  With an agreement in place to supply mouldings for up to 70 homes a year, the Finishing Touch will be making a strong statement in the building industry in the coming years.

The speed with which the Finishing Touch can complete an order and the proprietary render patch system, which eliminates virtually any sign of joins, are major benefits to builders. Each moulding takes up to 5 days to produce. A number of coatings are applied and each takes a full day to dry. Once the final coat, a paint primer, is applied and has dried the mouldings are ready for delivery. Delivery to the site takes from two weeks from acceptance of the quote up to four weeks maximum. Certified installers are used to install the mouldings and this gives the builder a seven year warranty on all fixing.


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